​Care Packages

​We don't just simply ship care packages, we ship "spoiling you" care packages. Our goal is to spoil our men and women of the United States Armed Forces. A few of the main items we ship are: premium jerky's, premium snacks, books/magazines, toiletries. As well as anything else our Heroes may request. Currently the cost to ship one "spoiling you" care package is $18.45. Each package is filled with up to $75 worth of items. We greatly appreciate donations of items to fill the packages and monetary donations to help pay for the shipping of the packages. 
If you know someone who is deployed and would like to get them on our list, please send us an email with their address and a list of things they like.    

Wisconsin Veterans Home-Union Grove

In 2011 we visited the Veterans Home out in Union Grove, WI. After taking a tour of the facilities and meeting with some Veterans, we decided we wanted to do something for them to make their lives a little better. After much consideration, we decided to redo an outdoor patio space that is right outside their deli and make it wheelchair accessible. In 2012,  volunteers dug out old bushes and trees, We hired Absolute Construction Enterprises to extend the patio and pour a sidewalk going through the garden. With the help of great friends we designed the garden and began planting new flowers and plants. We put in a beautiful fountain. We hired Lee Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electric Inc. to put in a wheelchair accessible door. We purchased wheelchair accessible tables. In spring of 2012 the Sgt. John Penich Memorial Garden was completed. On June 6, 2012 the Veterans Home held a dedication ceremony.  

Scoops for Vets Ice Cream Social

Every year, on the last Saturday in July, we host the Annual Scoops for Vets Ice Cream Social & Car Show at the Union Grove Veterans Home in Union Grove, WI. We get a variety of classic cars, hot rods, and even some military vehicles. The owners of these cars donate their time and bring them out for our Veterans to look at. After checking out those sweet rides, the Veterans and their families head inside to enjoy some sweet treats. We have everything from shakes/malts to banana splits! The Veterans at the home LOVE to get out, check out the cars, have some ice cream, and just visit with people. So, if you have a classic car that you would like to bring to our next event, please send us an email. 

Supporting Our Troops Away and at Home

PTSD Service Dogs

One in five suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.  One in six will attempt or commit suicide.  Symptoms of PTSD are mental changes, including, but not limited to; hostility, aggression, depression, suicide, paranoia, acrophobia, nightmares, panic attacks, poor coping skills, memory loss, and lack of trust.  PTSD affects not only the warriors but their families and the workplace. To date we have sponsored the adoption and  training of 18 service dogs for veterans who have been diagnosed with PTSD. With the PTSD service dog the veteran is able to finally feel safe and protected, is able to care for his or her family, is often able to return to work or go to college, and can avoid serious mental breakdowns and suicidal thoughts. The veteran feels unconditional love as well as protection from the dog 24/7